Testimonials from our November '08 Workshop

    "Thanks so much for organizing a wonderful, thought-provoking photography retreat with such a great team of experts.  I gained a new perspective on technique and it took my photography to a higher level.  The variety of photojournalism assignments, guidance and beautiful location  contributed to a great learning experience.  I'm so excited about the new possibilities with my photography."

- Crystal Wolfe,  Houston, Texas



    "It was fantastic to meet Skeeter, his staff, and the workshop participants.  The ranch and the small town setting was beautiful, conducive to creating storytelling assignments, and a pleasure to stay in for several days.  The quality of the feedback was high.  I'd recommend this workshop to any photographer wanting to learn more about visual storytelling in a friendly atmosphere."

- Joel Forgus,  Austin, Texas



    "I had a really great time at the BlissWood photography workshop.  The available subjects from low light (sunrise-sunset) to midday is absolutely incredible.  Topics range from nature and wildlife, people at work on the ranch to people in a small town cityscape.

    Skeeter is a extremely personable person, very outgoing and always looking to assist and provide a helping hand.  The assistants that work with Skeeter were always looking to interact with the students and to provide information and feedback from point of image capture to final print."

- Kevin Moody,   Dallas, Texas