Skeeter Hagler Bio

Photographer Skeeter Hagler is the recipient of photography's highest honor, the Pulitzer Prize.

The Pulitzer was awarded to Skeeter for his documentary on the lifestyle of the Modern Day Cowboy.

Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, and still based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Skeeter has over 38 years of experience as a photojournalist and has traveled the world on assignments and projects.

As a freelance photographer, Skeeter has made his mark as a storyteller, spending whatever time it takes with his subjects to tell the story honestly and thoroughly.

Skeeter is equally at ease photographing the West Texas Cowboy as he is waiting for hours for the light to get just right to photograph a downtown building.  Skeeter has an eye for the details of a subject while at the same time seeing the overall importance of the subject to society and the world.

Skeeter is a veteran of numerous other workshops around the country.  Recent work includes stories for Texas Highways Magazine and a photo book "Born to this Land" with Texas best-loved poet, Red Steagall, and a coffee table book on Ft. Worth, Texas.