BlissWood At Cat Spring, Texas - A Texas Bed and Breakfast

BlissWood at Lehmann Legacy Ranch, is a 650-acre working ranch only one hour west of Houston.

Staying at this unique Bed and Breakfast is not your typical lodging.  Scattered among the 650 acres is a variety of turn-of-the-century Texas Farmhouses and Cabins, each completely furnished with antiques of their era.  Seclusion is the key word at BlissWood.  Guests enjoy their own home-cooked meals in their farmhouses (pack it in yourself) or can dine at award-winning CAROL”S at CAT SPRING restaurant just minutes from BlissWood.

The peaceful country setting of BlissWood, set amidst majestic Live Oaks is a photographer's paradise.  Animals abound on this magnificent Cat Spring Ranch, including horses, Angus cattle, alpaca, camel, miniature donkeys and even American bison.

While relaxing or photographing at one of BlissWood’s bass-stocked lakes, one might catch a glimpse of grazing deer and antelope or see cowboys working cattle.

Come stay at BlissWood and improve your photographic skills and you’ll understand why they call this place BlissWood.

The BlissWood Approach

Like in the real world of photojournalism, each student will take on an assignment for the weekend – carry
that assignment through the shooting, editing, criticism, layout and printing stages.  The student's final layout will be displayed for all to see and discuss.

Skeeter and his staff will be brutally honest with each student as to what worked or didn’t work on each assignment and discuss ways to improve the shooting of the story.

The students will learn as much from what didn’t work on their shoot as from what did work.  You are not coming to BlissWood to take great photos (but you probably will) but to learn to take great photos.

Sample Assignments

Cross Roads Tavern – The local watering hole, the gathering point of Cat Spring. Great low light  photography. Must interact with your subject.  Great for both candid and set-up portraits.  The student must capture the mood and spirit of this historic Tavern.

Ranch owner Carol Davis – A dynamo of non-stop action from sunup to sundown. Follow her as she feeds the ranch animals and wildlife, goes out on trail rides and deals with her staff.  The student will have to shoot fast, be ready for the unexpected and be on the constant lookout for those moments.

Wildlife photography - Animals, both domestic and wild abound on this magnificent Cat Spring Ranch.  Horses, cattle, alpaca, camels, wild pigs, miniature donkeys, deer, antelope and even the American Bison are waiting to be photographed.  A longer lens is a must as is the willingness to wait for the shot to come together.

Local Feed store, The town of Cat Spring itself, Nancy’s horse farm, Cowboys working cattle and portraits, Still lifes from around the Ranch, and many more.